Sunday, 23 January 2011


Ive run out of room and ive been slacking on manga lately so ive decided to sell some that i wont read again or won't finish the series

I prefer paypal but open to other payment through the post.

Prices don't include postage

I am open to offers so if you like the idea of something give me a shount and we can work something out i really want to get rid of this stuff

I am also willing to Trade as well at the moment im mainly wanting-
Black Lagoon Vols 5+
Wild Adapor vols 2+
Nabari No Ou Vols 4+
D.Gray Man Vols 18+
FMA Vols 23+
Open to other trades though if its something i might want

May Have more to add later 


One Piece Collection 5 - Franky Apperance £2 each -this is almost a complete set the only one missing is chopper -kept him- I may still have the boxes 

  Evangelion Petit Eva Mascots 2nd series. Brand new only opened to box to find out what was inside each
Rei £4.50
Shinji £5.50
Kaworu £5.50
Maya £4.50 

Gintama Character Fortune Gin-San's Chocolate Fortune . Brand new only opened to find out what it was and which flavour -not real chocolate these are charms make to look like chocolate- £1.50 each
Takasugi Strawberry
Katsura Strawberry
Yamazaki White
Hijikata Strawberry
Okita White
Hata White, Chocolate and Strawberry
Gintoki Strawberry
Kagura White and Strawberry

Gurren Lagann Nia Tepplin Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara -prize- £12 Displayed but in great condition -may have box- £12 


MVM Release Tenchi Muyo OVA Collection + Mishoshi Special OOP R2£18/Offers Mint Condition  

 Special Edition Tenchi Muyo In Love Movie R1 Mint Condition £5

Fist of the North Star Collection, all though opened and box courners have edge ware i have never acutally watched this £offers. 

Not Pictures -not sure what happened there-

Naruto R1 Boxsets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 in good condition some have slight edge ware £10 each

Rune Soldier Complete Collection -thin pack- R1 Mint Condition £15  

 Record of Loddoss War Great Witch Vols 1-3 Complete Large Style just a bit smaller than A4 In Good condition, expect vol 2 the courner got creases -grr not happy- £15 

 Samurai Deeper Kyo Vols 1-12 -good condition- £20 

 Basilisk Vols 1-3 £10 

 Air Gear Vols 1-3 5-7 -missing vol 4- Like New Condition £12
Black God Vols 1-7 All Like New except the one shown in the photo but thats the only problem -annoyed it happened- £18 

 Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei Vols 1-4 £12 Like New 

 .Hack//XXXX Vols 1-2 Complete Great Condition £5.50 

 .Hack//Legend of the Twilight Vols 1-3 Complete -shelf ware- £6.00 

 .hack//g.u.+ Vols 1-3 Like New £6.50 

 Diabolo Vols 1-3 Complete -slight shelf ware- Also one of the spins is damaged -see pic- was light it when i bought it £6.50 

 Crescent Moon Vols 1-3 -some shelf ware- £5.50 

 Hot Gimmik Vols 1-12 Complete + Hot Gimmik S Novel All Like New £26

 Punch Vols 1-3 Complete Like New £8 

 Zombie Zone Vols 1-2 Like New £5 

 £2.50 each or 2 for £4.50 All in great Condition
Forth Goddess
Queen Sayoko
sympathy for the devil
childhoods end
love potion no. 9
mara strikes back
terrible master urd
ninja master 

 El-Hazard Vol 1-2 Big Style Release Good Condition £4 

 Aria -ADV Release- vol 1-2 Like New £4 

 DragonBall Vol 1-3 -shelf ware- £5.50 

 Orphen Vol 1-6 Complete Like New OOP £23 

 Chronciles of the Cursed Sword Vols 1-4 Like New £7.50 

  Odd Books £2 each or 2 for £3 with the exception of Sailor Moon Super S -see list for price-
Sailor Moon Super S Vol 1 £13 OOP and Rare -good condition except small crease on back-
Fruits Basket Fan Book Cat -slight edge ware-
Gravitation v1 -Like New-
Inu Yasha v3 Old Style Size -Great Condition-
Love*Complex v1 - Like new never read-
Naurto Innocent Heart Demonic Blood Novel -New Like Never read-
Captain Nemo v1 -Like New-
Arm of Kannon v1 -Like New-
Warriors of Tao v1 3 -Like New-
Scrapper Princess Vol 2 -Good Condition-
Blood Suckers 3 -Like New-

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Alter's Natsume Yuujinchou Natsume Takashi Madara Review

This is my first review so please be gentle with me =3

Up for review is Alter's Natsume Yuujinchou Natsume Takashi Madara


As you can see from the pictures I've posted below this is a unique figure.
Front and side view of him

Back view couple of angels

Close up of Natsume and Nyanko-sensei

Close up of this back and then a view with out his kimono
Sculpting - The actually sculpting of the figure is pretty spot on, a lot of the times figures don't quite turn out how the characters look especially the faces. In this case the very well done especially Nyanko-sensei it actually looks like the picture on the side of the box 9/10

Painting - I have no complaints on the painting side of him no paint bleeding form what i have tell. The designs and painting on his kimono are exceptional 9/10

Posing - All thought it is a lovely figure the actually post of Natsume isn't all that exciting especially with out his kimono on, but adding everything into consideration its pose is over beautifully 8/10


Next up is the packaging, I have to say this is problem one of the best boxes I've seen in a long time.  

 This is the back and the left side of the box, as you can see there is a beautiful pic of Natsume and Sensei that the figure is based off. The back of the box has a small window showing the back of  Nyanko-sensei.
 This is the front and other wise of the box, as you can see its the same theme around the box using the grass and vines around the box fitting with the theme of the figure. The front is a flap that is held on using a magnetic strip

 This is what i use the front flap, a front view of Natsume and Nyanko-sensei, using the grass and vines which nicely go on to the front of the window. The other picture is what is on the inside of the flap the background to the original picture

The inside of the box, using protective sheeting over the figure to protect it, also came with instructions of how to take his kimono off



The base i must say is very impressive, unlike most figures having a plain flat base this one the base is part of the figure.

As you can see the base is quite unique it continues the figure of nicely, with the reeds and the water effect.
The reeds and water are  translucent giving them a slight see through look. The ripples of the water add a lovely touch.



 Overall i am pleased with the outcome of this and am really glad that i bought him. Even thought he is meant to be 1/8 he is pretty small compared to all the other 1/8 that is have matches more the size of 1/10's that aside this is defiantly figure that i would recommend to any one that enjoys the series especially or even if you don't


Overall Rating 9/10

Friday, 7 January 2011

First Post

Well I've tried to do this several times but never remember to update it so perhaps this time i will =3