Sunday, 23 January 2011


Ive run out of room and ive been slacking on manga lately so ive decided to sell some that i wont read again or won't finish the series

I prefer paypal but open to other payment through the post.

Prices don't include postage

I am open to offers so if you like the idea of something give me a shount and we can work something out i really want to get rid of this stuff

I am also willing to Trade as well at the moment im mainly wanting-
Black Lagoon Vols 5+
Wild Adapor vols 2+
Nabari No Ou Vols 4+
D.Gray Man Vols 18+
FMA Vols 23+
Open to other trades though if its something i might want

May Have more to add later 


One Piece Collection 5 - Franky Apperance £2 each -this is almost a complete set the only one missing is chopper -kept him- I may still have the boxes 

  Evangelion Petit Eva Mascots 2nd series. Brand new only opened to box to find out what was inside each
Rei £4.50
Shinji £5.50
Kaworu £5.50
Maya £4.50 

Gintama Character Fortune Gin-San's Chocolate Fortune . Brand new only opened to find out what it was and which flavour -not real chocolate these are charms make to look like chocolate- £1.50 each
Takasugi Strawberry
Katsura Strawberry
Yamazaki White
Hijikata Strawberry
Okita White
Hata White, Chocolate and Strawberry
Gintoki Strawberry
Kagura White and Strawberry

Gurren Lagann Nia Tepplin Ichiban Kuji Kyun Chara -prize- £12 Displayed but in great condition -may have box- £12 


MVM Release Tenchi Muyo OVA Collection + Mishoshi Special OOP R2£18/Offers Mint Condition  

 Special Edition Tenchi Muyo In Love Movie R1 Mint Condition £5

Fist of the North Star Collection, all though opened and box courners have edge ware i have never acutally watched this £offers. 

Not Pictures -not sure what happened there-

Naruto R1 Boxsets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 in good condition some have slight edge ware £10 each

Rune Soldier Complete Collection -thin pack- R1 Mint Condition £15  

 Record of Loddoss War Great Witch Vols 1-3 Complete Large Style just a bit smaller than A4 In Good condition, expect vol 2 the courner got creases -grr not happy- £15 

 Samurai Deeper Kyo Vols 1-12 -good condition- £20 

 Basilisk Vols 1-3 £10 

 Air Gear Vols 1-3 5-7 -missing vol 4- Like New Condition £12
Black God Vols 1-7 All Like New except the one shown in the photo but thats the only problem -annoyed it happened- £18 

 Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei Vols 1-4 £12 Like New 

 .Hack//XXXX Vols 1-2 Complete Great Condition £5.50 

 .Hack//Legend of the Twilight Vols 1-3 Complete -shelf ware- £6.00 

 .hack//g.u.+ Vols 1-3 Like New £6.50 

 Diabolo Vols 1-3 Complete -slight shelf ware- Also one of the spins is damaged -see pic- was light it when i bought it £6.50 

 Crescent Moon Vols 1-3 -some shelf ware- £5.50 

 Hot Gimmik Vols 1-12 Complete + Hot Gimmik S Novel All Like New £26

 Punch Vols 1-3 Complete Like New £8 

 Zombie Zone Vols 1-2 Like New £5 

 £2.50 each or 2 for £4.50 All in great Condition
Forth Goddess
Queen Sayoko
sympathy for the devil
childhoods end
love potion no. 9
mara strikes back
terrible master urd
ninja master 

 El-Hazard Vol 1-2 Big Style Release Good Condition £4 

 Aria -ADV Release- vol 1-2 Like New £4 

 DragonBall Vol 1-3 -shelf ware- £5.50 

 Orphen Vol 1-6 Complete Like New OOP £23 

 Chronciles of the Cursed Sword Vols 1-4 Like New £7.50 

  Odd Books £2 each or 2 for £3 with the exception of Sailor Moon Super S -see list for price-
Sailor Moon Super S Vol 1 £13 OOP and Rare -good condition except small crease on back-
Fruits Basket Fan Book Cat -slight edge ware-
Gravitation v1 -Like New-
Inu Yasha v3 Old Style Size -Great Condition-
Love*Complex v1 - Like new never read-
Naurto Innocent Heart Demonic Blood Novel -New Like Never read-
Captain Nemo v1 -Like New-
Arm of Kannon v1 -Like New-
Warriors of Tao v1 3 -Like New-
Scrapper Princess Vol 2 -Good Condition-
Blood Suckers 3 -Like New-

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