Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Review: Alter's Kinoshita Hideyoshi

This is only my second review so again it may not be perfect

Up for review is Alter's Kinoshita Hideyoshi from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu


First some pictures from different views and close ups of our beautifull boy

 First up some complete view pictures

 some more 360 shots

 Next up so close up shots on his top and bottom

 some more shots of his pants -what a bum lol-

 Some more close ups of him his face is so pretty and the bum hehe

This is come with him to, such a cute figure he is a bit smaller than a one coin figure -like the hakuouki or hetalia ones-

Sculpting - Like Alters Natsume the sculpting is spot on, no flaws. Seam lines are perfect and well hidden no complaints out all 9/10

Painting - As all ways with Alters's stuff i have no complaints with the painting, the detail is spot on from the detail on his tie and his white pants to his cute pink painted finger nails. No bleeding or anything even the suommons for such a small figure no bleeding either 9/10

Posing  - The pose of this i guess isn't all that exciting its acutally pretty simple pose when you think about it but either with that being its a wonderfull figure, the pose of him taking of him trousers is captured very well 8/10

The packaging on this is a lot smaller than i expected it to be, normal the boxes seem to be hugh compared to the figure all though is box is nice a small and colourfull and hits Hideyoshi very well.

 Some views of the pront of the box and one of the sides

 View of the back and the other side

 The inside packaging that holds him it, comes with protecting covering over him
 Also inside the box behind the spotted green sheet was this with intructions on how to attach the summons to the same and a little cut out box to put him it if you chose



As you can see below this one comes with two bases for hideyoshi and the other one for his summons
 The small base for the chibi is cute and comes with metal feed peg so no chance of breaking them. The other one is a cute star shap with the same colour/pattern as the inner lining and his name writen on it. 
All though cute its not the best base.



 Over i am please that i managed to pick up quickly when amiami had a restock of his and deffantly not dissapointed with the out come of him. I love the pose and all the little attention of details. Beautiful work again from Alter


Overall Rating 9/10

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