Monday, 16 May 2011

REVIEW: Eye Scream's Ester Blanchett

Up for review this time is Eye Scream's Ester Blanchett from Trinity Blood

I never expect to ever get this figure and I got her at a very bargain price =3 -only wish i could get Abel for the same price or even close- Perhaps some day i will

Right on with the review


First up some pictures of Ester from some different views

 First a view shots off the whole figure from different views

 As you can see this figure is very nicely sculptured with the fabric flowing

 Some more views from the other side

 Last full view shot next up some close up pictures of Ester
 Just looking at the pictures you can see the detail that as gone in to her even the buckles are very detailed

 The painting on her under skirt is nicely done

 some more shots the pearly paint is a nice touch on her under skirt

 Here is a few shots of the front and back of her skirt as you can see the patter goes all around

 And then under the skirt is her underwear welly nicely done even the Lacey patter is printed

Sculpting - The sculpting on her is nicely done she has her faults compared to recently released figures but you need to keep in mind that she was released is 2007 even so she is nicely done. There are a few seam lines that aren't quite hidden namely there is one on the side of her under skirt that can be seen very clearly, luckily it is hidden from front view because of the fold. Apart from a few minor flaws its very nicely done  8/10

Painting - Painting quality on this is a bit not iffy but not completely consistent but then again for an older figure she is nicely done. There is a couple of bleeding marks on the blue trim on the front part of her skirt and again on the under skirt. Other than that she is nicely done the face is painted really well.  8/10

Posing  - I adore the posing on this, she is very well done especially compared to the picture she is based on. The flowing hair and fabric bring a nice touch to it. All of her chains and such are done well to mimic the flowing of the rest of her   9/10


Below will be some pictures of the packaging.  -Note that there is some damage to the box and it is missing the front plastic over the front of the box,-

The box is massive a lot bigger than i expect it to be when i received her. The box is nicely done the while and black suits it epically with the Trinity Blood symbol on the front is a nice touch.

 Some views from the front

Some views of the back, you can see there are some pictures of Ester and then a image in the middle of her and Abel

 Other side

 Some inside pictures, she came with a protective film over the top of her -not sure it that is all that she came with or there was more originally.



I don't have picture of the base on this but with any of the pictures Ive taken you can see that its not very exciting at all. It is just a plain black base with a bit of a lip around the edge. She doesn't come off her base at all she came this way in the box, hence why it was so bit as the base is hugh as well




Overall i am extremely happy with this figure i never imagined that would be able to get this figure, this used to be on my list of figures i would kill for.

She has her faults and some painting issues but the pose and everything else makes up for it. Its a very eye pleasing figure and would change having her for nothing.

Overall Rating 7.5-8/10

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