Sunday, 1 April 2012

I have decided to have a clear out I really need the space XD.

Every thing is UK PAL unless other wise stated
Every thing is in Like new to good condition unless other wise stated -most perfect-
Every thing has its manual unless other wise stated

Payment by Paypal as a GIFT! -please-
All items are in £GBP

Postage is not included in the price, All itmes posted from the UK

Any questions or want additionl photos please just ask

Prices are negotiable

Astonishia Story £6
Breath of Fire 3 £6
Darkstalker Chronicles: Chaos Tower £5
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex £5
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 £5
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite £5 -minor marks on case-
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes £4 -the outer case of the back is skratched the disc its self is fine was like it when i aquired it-
Phantasy Star Portable £7
Phantasy Star Portable 2 £20
Street Fighter Alpha3 Max £5
Tekken Dark Resurrection £5
Valkyria Chronciles 2 £6
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth £7

Falbe £2
Panzer Dragoon Orta £8
House of the Dead III £2

Children of Mana £5
Golden Sun Dark Dwwn £10
Heroes of Mana £5
Lost Magic £3
Pokemon Link £5
Rhythum Paradise £3
Scribblenauts £5
Sonic Rush £5
Sonic Rush Adventure £5
Yoshi Touch and Go £5

Metroid Prime £5
Metroid Prime £5
Capcom Vs SNK2 EO £5 -not sure if is a UK relase got an odd age rating but it is a PAL copy-

Parasite Eve II £5

Dragonball Z Legacy of Goku GBA £8 -Box damaged-
Final Fantasy Legend GB £13 -Box damaged, No manual-
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance GBA £7 -US release, Slight box damage-
Golden Sun GBA £8 -minor shelf ware to box-
Kindom Hearts Chain of Memories GBA £16
Pokemon Trading Card Game GBC £4 -No card-
Pokemon Puzzle Challange GBC £6
Pokemon Blue Version GB £10 -No manual-
Pokemon Yellow Version GB £13
Pokemon Pinball GBA £4 -No manual-
Sonic Advance  GBA £5
Sonic Advance 2 GBA £5 -Slight Ware to box-
Super Mario World Super Mario Advance 2 GBA £9
Yoshi's Island Super Mario Advance 3 GBA £9
Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario Advance 4 GBA £10
Zelda Oracle of Seasons GBA £25 -minor shelf ware-
Zelda Link to the Past + Four Swords GBA £6
Zelda Minish Cap GBA £15
Yu Gi Oh Worldwide Edition GBA £3 -No card-

XBOX 360
Afro Samurai £3
Battlefantasia £6
Battlefield Bad Company 2 £5
Bayonetta £5
Bioshock Steelbook Version £10 -perfect other than the most tinies skratch on the back hardly visable-
Bioshock 2 Special Edition £25
Sid Meier's Civilizations Revolution £13
Dead Space 2 £6
Dante's Inferno £4
Fairy Tale Fights £6
Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock £3
Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock £7
Guutar Hero 5 £7
Guitar Hero World Tour £3
Infinite Undiscovery £6
Last Remnant £5
Rock Band £4
Rock Band 2 £6

Tekken 6 Wireless Arcade Stick £35 -All though out of the box I have never acutally used it XD Have the box though-
Kinect Sensor w/ Kinect Adventures £75 -prehaps used 2-3 times- boxed -NO PICTURE YET-

Buzz Quiz Tv w/ wired Buzzers £20 -no box-
Atelier Rorona £35
Eternal Sonata £6
Heavenyl Sword £5
Money Island Special Edition Collection £12
Shoot £5
Trinity Universe £20 -Sealed-
Time Crisis Razing Storm £10
Valkyria Chronciles £10

Bleach Shattard Blade £8
Case Closed One Truth Prevails £18
Disater Day of Chaos £4
Epic Mickey £4
Final Fantasy Fables Chocobo's Dungeon £10
Kirby Epic Yarn £20
Naurto Clash of the Ninja Revolution Europe Edition 8
No More Heroes £3
One Peice Ultimate Cruise 1 £28
Okami £8
Pangya Golf with Style £5
Sonic Colours £7
Super Mario All Stars 25th Anni. Edition £30 -sealed-
Tales of Sympthonia Dawn of the New World £40

Bouncer £2
Drakengard £3
Drakengard 2 £3
Guilty Gear X2 £7
Gutaroo Man £6
Grandia II £4
.Hack//Infection  w/anime dvd
.Hack//Mutation w/anime dvd
.Hack//Outbreak w/anime dvd
.Hack//Quarantine w/anime dvd £80 for the set of 4
Jade Cacoon 2 £7
Klonoa 2 Lunateas Veil £5 -disc markerd and a sticker on the disc and cover-
King of Fighters XI £8
King of Fighters Max. Impact 2 £10
Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anni. £3
Magnacarta £18
Naruto Ultimate Ninaj £4
Orphen Scion of Sorcery £4
Onimusha 3 £4
Odin Sphere £10 -sealed-
Project Zero £5
Persona 4 w/ost £13 -sealed-
Person 3 £10
Rogue Galaxy £8
Shin Megami Tnesei Lucifers Call £7
Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga £8
Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga 2 Collectors Edition w/ost £13
Space Channel 4 £7
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy £2 -scratched-
Spectal vs Generation £3 -purple backed-
Sega Mega Drive Collection £3
Suikoden IV £10 -scratched-
Shadow Hearts -no mini guide-
Shadow Hearts Convenant -slightly scratched-
Shadow Hearts New World £55 for the set of 3
Star Ocean 3 Till the End of Time w/Bonus Disc £10
Unlimited Saga £5
Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria £5 -scratched-
Wild Arms 3 £5
Xenosaga Episode 2 £10


Call of Duty Roads to Victory £2
World of Pool £3
NBA Live 06 £1

Nintendoys Dashshund + Friends £2

Harvest Moon A Wonderull life £2
Zelda Four Swords £10 -all though I only have the disc it is still a rare game-

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