Saturday, 2 April 2011

Preview/Review: Hetalia Axis Powers ARTBOOK ArteStella

Here is a preview/review of the wonderfull Hetalia Axis Powers artbook ArteStella
Title: Hetalia Axis Powers ArteStella
Company: Gentosha
Price: 3800YEN -about £28.00-
Run: Limited
96 page(s), A4
As you can see from the picture above its pretty unique on its on as it comes in this wonderfull box 

No only do you get the artbook you also get a giant double sided poster, playing cards and stickers.

 Stickers -love the chibis-
 Playing cards in a cute tin ~these are adorable~
 Poster Side 1 Allied Forces with China, France, America, UK and Russia
Poster Side 2 Axis Powers with Germany, Italy and Japan

Group shot of it all together.

Next on to the book itself, its made up of 2 halfs reading from both the left and the right side.

 One side is made up mainly of  China, France, America, UK and Russia + more
The other side is made up mainly of Germany, Italy and Japan + more

The book has a dust cover which comes off to reveal loads of sketches

First ill start with the Allied Forces
America, UK, France, Russia and China
 Each Section has a page like list to tell you what it coming up
 First part of this section has some group shots of the 5 Countries
some more group pictures.

After the group shots it goes to each one indervidualy giving you a page like this then a couple of pages with pictures of just them
 France and England

After the first 5 main sections it goes on to more countries listed on the page below

 Love these pictures so cute
 At the end of the Allied Forces section you get a section of just chibi versions of them.

 After that comes a index and comment section of each of the pictures that you have seen through out the book

Next is to the other side of the book where its the Axis Powers
 The first section like the Allied Forces this main bit is for Italy, Germany and Japan
 Some group shots like before
 Love these pictures espically the picture on the right

Next to the Indervidual Sections
 First some pics of Italy


This is prehaps my fav pic of Japan

Like before the next section is of the rest of the Countries

 Love this picture of Austria

Aww so cute =3

Next after all the Countries there is a new section of How to Draw
 It shows the process of how the image on the poster was created

After the How to Draw section this is a rough sketch section a bit like the cover -under the dust jacket-

 Cute bunny Italy and Germany so cute =3

These pictures i used are just but a few images that are in the book, i deffantly glad that i managed to get a hold of the book and its one i would deffatnly recommend to any Hetalia fan

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