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REVIEW: Alter's Tales of Vesperia Flynn Scifo

 Review time again 

Up for review this time is Alter's Tales of Vesperia Flynn Scifo from there ALTAiR line.


Firest up some pictures of this beautiful guy from different views.

 First off some stuff view shots

 some more shots this time from the side

 some more from the other sides as you can see this is a beautifully sculpted figure

Last full view and now on to some close ups of the top half

 More close ups as you can see the detail thats gone it to it espically on his belt and armour

 Back and side view i love the design on the back of his cape

 Another top close up and then on to some close up of the bottom half of him

 Some more back and side views like his arm armour the paint on the boots is pearly as well

Thats it for close up of him on to the next thing

Next is the chibi version of Flynn that comes with him

 As you can see for such a small figure he is really detailed his armour is painted the same as his larger version

 Even has the same design on the back of him and includes a sheild and sheath

Sculpting - This is my second figure from the ALTAiR and my third Alter figure and i must say they are quickley becoming one of my fav. companies as the sculpting on this is a wonderfull as the other ones i have. The seam lines on this are very well hidden the only one that really shows is the one for his hair but you would only see it from the side the chibi is almost as prerfect as the full version.   9/10

Painting - The painting on him is almost prefect no colour bleeding that i can see at all. The painting is exceptional from the painting on his clothes, espically the design on the back of his cape right down to the gold painting on his buckle. As in the photos the armour has a pearly quality to it.  9/10

Posing  - Like the other Alter figures that i have i love the posing on his its simple but effective. The wind swept look is great i love the way his tales on the back of his cape look like the blowing in the wind and even his frindge looks like it is doing the same. Love the arm position with the taking of the sword out. Beautiful =3   8/10


Below will be some pictures of the packaging. I think the pagacking suits Flynn very well. Its a simple deisgn mostly open with windows but none the less niceley done. The only thing is because of the giant window it kind of a bit flismy and can be easy sqished if you are not carefull.

 First a couple of pictures from the front, it has a big window show off Flynn in pretty much a full view with his chibi version as well.

 Next is the side and a back view the side has a hugh version of the Vesperia emblem the back also has a small one and an image of Flynn at the bottom.

 View of the back andd the other side. I love the night like background with the stars. The dark blue and white works  very well with flyn because of his colours.

 Next up the inside all neatly layout to be seen.

 This one doesn't come with that much protective covering only a small bit on the back and some on the chibi version.

Also comes with instructions on how to attch him to the base, even more how to remove his arm to attch his sword. Also gives instructions on how to attach the sheath and sheild to the chibi.


This one comes with two bases one for Flynn and then other for the chibi flynn. The one for the chibi is just a small clear circle nothing specials. Flynn's however is different as you can see below.

The base for Flynn is nicely done, giving the impression of pavement tiles using the different colours gives it an even more realistic effect to it. The pegs are plastic like the base but the his feet fitted nicely in to the holes with no trouble.

Flynn's base also has a different shape on one side becuase you can attach it to Yuri's base -which i will have soon hehe-



 I always regreated that i didn't order Yuri the first time so when he came back up for a re-release i decided that i would order Flynn as i didn't want to have one with out the other. I am pleased to say that i am extremely glad that i did buy him he is very pleaseing to the eye and beautifull to look at.


Overall Rating 9/10


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